Water shortages are a big problem in Africa. And it’s only getting worse.

Africa is the world’s driest continent. And with a growing population and climate change, the demand for water is only increasing.

In many parts of Africa, water is already scarce. And as the climate changes and drought becomes more common, water shortages are only going to get worse.

So what can be done to fight water shortages in Africa?

  1. Improve water efficiency

One of the best ways to fight water shortages is to improve water efficiency.

This means using less water to do the same task. For example, using low-flow showerheads and toilets, and fixing leaks.

Water efficiency can also be improved by using water-saving technologies, such as rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling.

  1. Increase water storage

Another way to fight water shortages is to increase water storage.

This can be done by harvesting rain water, building dams, soil water storage, ponds, reservoirs and ground water banks etc.

Increasing water storage would also minimise the extreme effects of climate change as it would leave people prepared for extreme hot weather.

  1. Growing drought tolerant crops.

Another way to fight water shortages is to plant drought tolerant crops instead of water intensive crops.

This in turn helps in the food shortage department while also not increasing the water shortage problem.

  1. Government intervention

A sure fire way to fight water shortage in Africa is if the government take a hand in the fight.

Government have more power, influence and reach than individual or even organisations and can directly sponsor any and all water shortage prevention methods both mentioned and unmentioned here.

Most governments already do although not nearly enough. Building dams and water reservoirs is a logical first step.

  1. External intervention.

Another way to fight water shortage in  Africa and a popular one too is the intervention of individuals and organisation with the power to make a difference.

NGOs like UNICEF, Water.org, Charity: Water  and companies like Clewa-project make it their mission to fight water shortage in Africa and they make a huge difference.


Anyone can intervene even if all you have to offer is your voice, the water crisis in Africa is a fight for all of us, let us come together and fight it.





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