Clewa-Project is a leader in providing value-added Clean Water Service in Africa Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust by building solar treatment plants and water dispensers of the highest quality.

Our Work

Clewa-Project is dedicated to providing value added clean water channels to our customers. We are working towards the achievement of Sustainable development Goal 6 by providing clean water for all. we do this buy drilling for water in areas where access to clean drinking water is difficult. Then setting up a solar powered water treatment facility for the treatment of the water to ensure that it is drinkable, A water storage facility to ensure availability if a steady volume of the water at all times and then a network of water dispensers to that each serve up to 500 people with clean drinkable water everyday and cover a radius of more than 5km

Our Core Values

Committed to superior quality and results.

Broad vision and carefully thought out water production design

Maximum co-operation with the locals

Building your visions. creating reality. Listen better. Plan better.

Our Services

Installation of Clean water pumps

We do Installations of water treatment wells with a distributed network of water dispensers with the capacity to cover over 6km and server over 20,000 people in rural areas with fresh and ready to drink water

Solar Powered water treatment plants

Active development of a distributed networks of solar powered water treatment plants to serve rural areas with clean safe and cheap drinking water and cutting carbon emissions by 900kg per solar panel per year

Commercial and domestic plumbing

We maintain, repair and install plumbing systems in commercial establishments, look for and fix issues such as; Sewage blocks, silent leaks and low water pressure, among other issues.

We Support The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Water today. Health tomorrow.
Hope for generations.

Drilling works in progress




Our Latest Projects

Dedougou School Drinking water plant

This drinking water treatment plant has wells and distribution networks of 5 dispensers in a 6km distance and serves 250 school children, teachers and more than 20,000 people in Dedougou, Burkina Faso

Work with Us

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water project today

Every village, community or school needs a custom clean water solution that can sustainably cater for their water needs. Our solutions aim to:

  • Help for education
  • Help for humanity
  • Help for water
  • Help for food
Clean water of Africa

We need your help, our Goal “To bring Clean water to all the rural communities in Africa” is a big one and hard to achieve on our own. Please join hands with us so we can see this through.